15+ Years in Marriage: What to Expect from Marriage Counseling

15+ Years in Marriage: What to Expect from Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling Can Help You And Your Spouse Communicate Better

After 15+ years of marriage, most couples have experienced their share of good and bad times. If you are currently experiencing some difficulties in your marriage, it may be time to consider marriage counseling. Christian Marriage Counseling group will discuss what you can expect from marriage counseling after being married for a long time. Keep in mind that every couple is different, so not everything discussed in this article will apply to you. However, these are general trends that have been observed by marriage counselors over the years.

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After being in a marriage for more than 15 years, it is arguably the most represented time when couples feel like their relationship has grown “stale”. Maybe there have been some growing up pain points that have not been fully addressed and both partners are feeling a sense of isolation within the relationship. It’s totally normal to experience this uneasiness; after all, no one should expect to feel the same passion as when they first married. With an open mind and solid communication skills, couples can make it through any problem – and come out better for it.

Having strong communication skills within a marriage can be the key to success. If you and your spouse are struggling to communicate in an effective manner, marriage counseling could be invaluable. Marriage counselors are trained to help couples identify problem areas within their relationship and offer techniques that can improve communication. While it may seem daunting to open up to a stranger about personal matters, it may leas to better understanding of one’s partner and lead to increased feelings of closeness between the couple. Even if only one of the spouses is willing to seek counseling, communication will still likely be enhanced as a result. With the help of a professional counselor, marriages can be saved and life-long relationships strengthened.