For the Love of Petroliana

For the Love of Petroliana

How to Start and Care for Your Collection

If you love vintage gas pump globes, you’re not alone. Petroliana is a popular collecting hobby, and for good reason! Not only is it fun to collect, but petroliana also tells us a lot about our history. We will discuss how to start your own collection and how to care for it. We’ll also share some of our favorite tips and tricks for collectors new and old!

Petroliana is a term used to describe items related to the petroleum industry, such as oil cans, road signs, and pumps. These items were often collected by automobile enthusiasts or those interested in nostalgia for a simpler time. Although these artifacts have usually been thrown away or now forgotten, petroliana has an undeniable appeal for passionate collectors.

Vintage Gas Pump Globes

From enameled Harley-Davidson signs to Shell Oil globes, collecting these vintage gems from days gone by and displaying them can become an obsession for some people. Not only do these pieces of history hold some financial value due to their rarity and sought-after collectability, but they serve as tangible reminders of the past that we can still appreciate today.

Petroliana items can be a fun and desirable way to acquire memorabilia from the era of roadside service stations. The term ‘petroliana’ encompasses a variety of collectible items related to this niche, including vintage signage, advertising tins, oil cans, globes, pumps and islands, clocks and even old time set pieces. Whether you’re into the early Americana feel of nostalgic porcelain signs or more modern ephemera like branded clothing and mugs, there is something for every petroliana enthusiast! Collectors can find a wide range of these items through auctions, antique shops, specialized dealers as well as online sources. With so many possibilities to choose from – plus the thrill of classic vacation memories invigorating any motoring adventure – petroliana makes for an exciting field to explore.