Proper Nail Care

Proper Nail Care

Avoid Manicure Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes while working. Nail technicians also make some mistakes that they should avoid. If you want to become a professional manicurist, see what are the common nail mistakes you must avoid.

When doing your nails, you must avoid water. Nails submerged in water absorb moisture, which causes the nail plate to expand. Because of this, the product you put on a damp nail will rise as the nail loses moisture and starts to shrink. That’s why you have to do everything dry with electric nail files or hand files.

In order for the nail product to penetrate nicely on the nail plate, it must be rough. Therefore, never polish your nails because you will get a smooth surface, from which the product will quickly fall off.

Common Nail Mistakes

Cuticles must be removed, because they can also cause the product to fall off the nail quickly. The best way to remove them is to use an electric file that will perfectly remove even the smallest layer of cuticle. This file can be rotated in both directions, which will make removing your cuticles much easier.

Another mistake that some experienced nail technicians make is applying a thick layer of nail product. A layer this thick cannot cure properly in the lamp. So, try to apply as thin a layer of nail products as possible.

Finally, don’t forget to apply oil to your cuticles. This oil is essential to hydrate dry skin, helping your nails to be strong and healthy.

If you want to become a professional manicurist, avoid common nail mistakes and you will achieve your goals very quickly.