Tag: <span>How To Use Inaturalist</span>

Tag: How To Use Inaturalist


Get To Know Nature With iNaturalist

A Social Network With Which You Will Learn Everything About Nature

It has probably happened to you that while walking down the street or in the park you see a flower or a tree, but you don’t know its name. To learn many useful things about nature, take a look at how to use iNaturalist, how you can do it in a very simple way.

iNaturalist is a free online social network where people share their knowledge about nature. The people who are on this network help everyone who is interested to find out and get to know the nature that surrounds them.

To use this network, you need to install the application on your smartphone and then open your account. After creating an account, return to the iNaturalist app and simply log in. It is very important that you allow the app to access your location as well as your smartphone’s camera.

How To Use Inaturalist

You must activate “make an observation” on the application. There you will be able to take photos of a plant that is unknown to you and present your observations and your questions. Anyone who sees your photo and your observations will be able to bring up information about a particular plant that was unknown to you. In this way, you can learn a lot about the plants that surround you.

You will also be able to respond to other people when you see photos of plants, if you know which plant it is. You can write everything you know about a plant on this social network, which will help many people learn something new. This way you will also get new information and you will be able to expand your knowledge about the nature around you.

If you want to learn much more about all the plants that are in your immediate and distant surroundings, one click on how to use iNaturalist is enough. This social network will help you learn a lot about nature.