Why Zenernet Solar Closed The Production

Why Zenernet Solar Closed The Production

Customers Were Left Without Any Answers

There are many companies in the world that manufacture solar panels and everything needed for installation to use solar energy. One of the famous American companies is Zenernet Solar.

This company, due to its poor work, left many customers without its products, even though the contracts were signed two years earlier. They closed their production and left all their customers without any explanation.

Only the employees were told that the company would be closed, and the public was not informed about it. Customers were left without any answer for a long time, only to be informed that they could only speak to the lawyer representing this company.

Zenernet Solar

Because of this, many entrepreneurs lost their projects, as well as lost the money they paid much earlier. As it turned out later, Zenernet Solar did not pay its suppliers or subcontractors.

These companies are now trying to get their business in order, but there is still no guarantee to customers that they will receive their products or that their money will be returned. This is why many entrepreneurs are in big trouble, because they gave money for entire solar systems, and now they have nothing from it.

For this company, profit came first and because of that their business was quite bad, which led to their downfall.

To get the help you need and to recover your money invested in Zenernet Solar, contact our company, which is ready to help you continue with your work. We are the team that will provide you with adequate assistance in this case.